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Want to know what is unique about anti - staticESD rubber sheet mat

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ESD mat can be used in the computer room to lay the floor and table or punch washer.Technical parameters: double-layer rubbertable mat is made of light color on the surface, conductive material with antistatic agent, bottom with black, conductive materialwith carbon black.ltis flat, crimp-free, impervious to moisture,resistant to erosion, chemicals and high temperatures, and easy toclean and maintain.

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How to lay the anti-static mat: put the anti-static mat on the table, then fix one end of the anti-static grounding wire on thesurface of the mat,and then connect to the other side of the earth.Outdoor grounding pole.In this way, the static electricitycollected on the surface of the table mat is released through the anti-static grounding wire.

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