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Choose the right rubber sheet for your applications

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Rubber sheet is a versatile product commonly used for weather stripping, construction materials and industrial applications.

Sheet rubber can be produced from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber or recycled rubber. Qihang Rubber has thecapability to cut sheet rubber into custom shapes and sizes.

Preferred for its durability, flexibility, weather resistance, and high performance, sheet rubber is popular for creating gaskets, Flooring,Sealing,washers and spacers. But, not all rubber sheet is the same.Finding the right elastomer for yourapplication is important to the life and durability of the part. Don't wind up with an economy grade material when you need aspecification grade material just because the price is lower: Choose the right formula for your applications. Some commoncompounds used for rubber sheet include EPDM,FKM, SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile and natural rubber, but can be created from other formulations.


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