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3mm Thickness 2 Layers Anti-static Esd Mat Rolls


  • Hebei, China

  • QH-R-0003

  • Anti Static 3mm thickness Esd Rubber Workbench Mat she

  • 3 Mpa

  • 60+-5

  • Black plus green

  • Tianjin Qihang

  • Moulding, Cutting

  • reclaimed rubber

  • Eco-friendly

  • Smooth

  • 2mm -3mm -5mm

Product Description
Description: ESD Rubber Mats are made of two layers with the top one as a static dissipative rubber layer laminated to a black conductive to bottom layer. Surface resistivity of the top layer is 10E6-10E9 ohms and bottom layer is 10E3-10E5 ohms. The ESD Rubber material offers excellent resistance to heat,chemicals, oil, grease and most common solvent.
2mm /3mm /5mm
10m x1m, 10m x 1.2m, 10m x 1.5m
Black/ Green/ Blue...
Resistivity of surface layer
10E6-10E9 ohm
Resistivity of bottom layer
10E3-10E5 ohm
Abrasiveness Loss
Time for static dissipation
Main Function of Anti-static Mat
Discharge the static electricity of the human body, so that the human body and the tweezers, tools, appliances, meters and other articles used in the work reach a uniform potential, so that the static-sensitive devices in the production are not interfered by the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge and achieve the effect of electrostatic protection. Effective buffer and avoid device damage.

The anti-static rubber sheet is soft, strong in rebound, tear-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to clean, not interfered by factors such as high temperature, cold and humidity, and has a stable technical index.Rubber
Highly wear-resistant,good toughness, bending resistance, not easy to break

Stable Resistance

The static dissipative layer on the surface and the conductive layer on the bottom surface form a double-layer composite structure,Paste closely Non-slip

Easier to close to table surface,Anti-aging and long use time

High/Low Temperature Resistance

High temperature resistance, no discoloration at 300°C, no burning at 400°C, no decomposition at low temperature -30°C--70°C

Can Be Cut

Can be freely cut into different shapes according to needs

Widely Used

Can be used for maintenance desks, electronic communication equipment,factory workbench, laboratory, etc
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