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Why are rubber floors more popular?

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Why are rubber floors more popular?

Issue Time:2020-01-09
Why are rubber floors more popular? With the rise of people's living standards in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the character of survival. The floor is often the beginning of people's attention to life. After all, anyone doesn't want the muddy potholes on the ground, right? And rubber ground is in the center of many ground raw materials, gradually becoming the first choice of ground materials for public places such as subway airports The anti-slip and anti-stain performance, not only anti-slip, can also deal with daily wear and cleaning problems that are not easy to detect, useful to suppress the growth of bacteria.
In the past, whether marble or wood flooring has their corresponding interests, as long as there is water on the marble surface, there is almost no anti-slip; while the wooden floor surface can be skid resistant, it is difficult to take care of. And rubber flooring just fills these shortcomings. So let's see how rubber flooring is favored by modern facilities?

Simple construction

The rubber floor is free of smoke and dust during installation. The paving process is simple and convenient, and it is useful to prevent secondary cleaning after decoration. However, a large amount of smoke and dust is generated due to cutting and cutting during the laying of the hard floor raw materials, and the laying process is complicated and the time is long. It is impossible to prevent the secondary pollution to the environment at different levels.

Sound absorption and noise reduction

At the airport, the noise environment may affect people ’s nerves, it causes anxiety, may lead to emotional instability and simple irritability, all of which will lengthen people's waiting time.
The rubber material floor has excellent rendering ability in terms of sound absorption, and the melodies reach more than 14 decibels, which makes it possible to talk in a space with a high-quality floor. Sounds like feathers softly surround the ear, clean and light.

Reduce falls

Rail transit is a place with a large volume of traffic. Countless people are in a hurry. Rubber flooring has good compression resistance. It will elastically occur when time passes, and surface conflict will increase. At the same time, rubber flooring has a certain shock-absorbing effect, moderate foot feel, and weak elasticity to reduce fatigue when walking, making people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Toxic free and safe

The heat-resistant effect of rubber and the absence of a large amount of smoke and toxic substances in the event of a fire will make it uniquely suitable for the same subway ships and places with unique requirements for the use of ground materials. Rubber provides superior fire preparedness and the smoke emitted during incineration does not include any aggressive gases. At the same time, it can prevent the burning of cigarette butts. According to the 1399 test criterion, rubber flooring will not form critical damage.


High-quality rubber material floor, wonderful color demonstration, at the same time have antibacterial and hygienic performance, healthy flooring materials, ordinary use in private houses, hospitals, etc. To create a peaceful and joyful full healing environment, while the pleasant colors relax the body and mind, it is also a visual feast.

Anti-mold and antibacterial

The rubber material floor is made of high-temperature vulcanization process. The product has a very high compactness. The surface is bright and free of pores. It can effectively suppress bacteria on the floor surface and effectively stop bacteria from multiplying inside the floor. Greatly reduced the economic and human capital of clean and care investment.

Easy to clean

The airport hospital has a large flow of people and frequent comparison of dirt on the ground. The advantage of rubber flooring is that it can be cleaned with a wet cloth, saving time and effort, and daily clean water conditioning can be as bright as new.

Abrasion-resistant and non-slip

In hospitals, ski resorts, etc. where the traffic is high, the floor is dense and bright, and it has high wear resistance. The unique molecular structure makes the service life prolonged. Only natural flooring with high wear resistance can meet the requirements. . The durability of rubber flooring is attributed to its excellent resilience, dimensional stability, soft performance, excellent foot feel, fixed shape and abrasion resistance. The excellent rubber material and the blessing of science and technology make rubber become environmentally friendly and easy to repair, reducing the confusion of changing floor materials.