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What is horse stall mats?

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What is horse stall mats?

Issue Time:2019-12-04
Horse stall mats Product use: Various livestock farms (dairy farms, horse farms) softball field (US application).

Horse stall mats Product performance characteristics: The horse stall mats has a uniform distribution of spherical protrusions and anti-slip massage effect: thetractor supply stall mats lower surface is a band-shaped groove, which increases the friction with the ground, and can remove the sewage in time to keep the dry. The product has the characteristics of anti-slip, anti-static, cold-proof, heat-insulating, easy to clean, easy to replace, sanitary and epidemic prevention. The product has no odor, is elastic when pressed, and is durable.

Functional features
1. Improves hygiene
2. Easy to fit
3. Anti Fatigue
4. Good Impact resistance
5. Excellent sound and temperature insulation
6. Lightweight – easy to fit and reduces fuel bills if used in horse boxes/trailers
7. Protect horse against damage from hard or sharp walls
8. Reduces dust in stable- fewer respiratory disorders
9. Not affected by urine or disinfectants
10. Does not retain moisture /bacteria, like crumb rubber mats
11. Non toxic non absorbent
12. Strong light and environmentally sound materials

The horse stall mats is made of rubber and Eva.The price of rubber material is relatively high(about 20-38 usd), but the quality of horse stall mats is relatively high, hardness is high, weight is heavier, service life is longer, trample resistance, high resistance to pressure;The price of Eva material is low((about $19 for 24mm)), but the quality is relatively poor, with low hardness and light weight.

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Horse stall mats
Horse stall mats