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What are the main properties of oil resistant rubber sheet?

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What are the main properties of oil resistant rubber sheet?

Issue Time:2019-11-29
What are the main properties of oil resistant rubber sheet?
The so-called oil-resistant rubber sheet is actually a rubber sheet with a certain thickness and a large area, which is mainly composed of rubber, and then undergoes a series of vulcanization processes. Nowadays, it is widely used in many fields. So what are the main properties of oil resistant rubber sheet? Let ’s take a look together.

1. In terms of classification, oil-resistant rubber sheets can be mainly divided into pure rubber sheets, insertion cloth or metal frame laminates, and their colors are available in red, black and white. And we can choose according to our actual needs.

2. In general, oil-resistant rubber sheets are made by vulcanizing with a flat plate vulcanizing machine or continuous vulcanizing with a drum vulcanizing machine, so they have higher hardness, but we must pay attention to that their physical and mechanical properties are also Very good, it can be used in air with low pressure and temperature of zero to sixty degrees Celsius.

3. In the field of application, it is widely used in fields and occasions such as industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments, and housing floors. It is mainly used as sealing rubber rings, rubber pads, door and window seals, or laying workbenches and floors. It is not difficult to see that its effect is still great.

4. Finally, the working temperature of the oil-resistant rubber sheet is generally -30 degrees to 80 degrees, and it can work in oils such as engine oil, diesel or lubricating oil. In addition, it also has sealing and anti-swelling properties, and its thickness can generally range from 1mm to 50mm.

Whenever we want to use an oil-resistant rubber sheet, we must know something about its performance first, because it can ensure that it can play its best role. So I hope that the above content can be very helpful to everyone. In addition, if we want to buy related products and are looking for a professional manufacturer, I believe Tianjin Qihang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. will be a very good choice.

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