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What does fkm rubber sheet need to notice when storing ?

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What does fkm rubber sheet need to notice when storing ?

Issue Time:2019-11-26
What does fkm rubber sheet need to notice when storing?
FKM(Fluorine) rubber sheet is very common in our life, and it has a wide range of uses and a long life. Many people like the advantages of fkm rubber sheet, especially in the industrial industry Indispensable materials, many equipment require the use of fkm rubber sheet. The following is a detailed introduction to what you need to pay attention to when storing fkm rubber sheets.
First, everyone knows that the composition of the fkm rubber sheet is mainly a rubber material. This material is made under a very large pressure. It is very unstable at the beginning and may expand or shrink. Therefore, it takes a short relaxation period before normal use can be performed, otherwise the size will not be suitable. You need to pay attention to this, so you should pay special attention when storing. Fluorine rubber sheets cannot be placed in direct sunlight. After long-term exposure, everyone will know what will happen to fkm rubber sheets.
Second, when storing fkm rubber sheets, it is better to choose ventilation, and relatively dry warehouses are the best. If it is a humid environment, it will affect the quality of fkm rubber sheets and shorten the service life.
Third, the fkm rubber sheet cannot be placed in a place with a heat source. If there are other chemicals in the warehouse, it cannot. If there is a heat source, it will affect the fkm rubber sheet. The same applies to the chemical substance.
Fourth, when the fkm rubber sheet is stored in the warehouse, it needs to be more than 20 cm from the ground and the wall.
Fifth, there are many different types of fkm rubber sheets. When storing, you cannot put different types of fkm rubber sheets together for storage. Because of the different types, the temperature range of molding and curing is different, and the temperature difference is also very large. If the climate changes or the temperature and humidity of the warehouse changes, these factors will affect the composition of the fkm rubber sheet. The quality of the fkm rubber sheet will have some impact.
The above are the matters needing attention when storing fkm rubber sheets. fkm rubber sheets have many advantages and are widely used. In the industrial industry, many equipment need to use fkm rubber sheets, so in order to ensure the service life of fkm rubber sheets, it must be Keep the above in mind.

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FKM(Fluorine) rubber sheet
FKM(Fluorine) rubber sheet