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Development Status of Rubber Products Industry in China

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Development Status of Rubber Products Industry in China

Issue Time:2019-05-17
(1) The industrial output value of rubber products industry has steadily increased

Rubber products industry is one of the important basic industries in the national economic tradition. It is widely used in mining, rail transit, construction, machinery, aviation, electronics, military and other industrial fields. Many rubber products can be directly used in daily life, sports activities and medical and health as final products. With the continuous development of economy, China's rubber products industry has developed rapidly, the market demand is relatively strong, and the industrial structure is constantly adjusted.

(2) Rubber prices are low, and the overall profitability of the rubber products industry is good.

Rubber is a basic industrial raw material, which has a wide demand and is closely related to macro-economy. According to different sources, rubber can be divided into natural rubber and rubber rubber. In recent years, the international prices of natural rubber and synthetic rubber fluctuate greatly, but the overall trend is downward. At present, the price of natural rubber in China is basically synchronized with the international market. With the recovery of the global economy, the price of natural rubber has risen sharply since 2009, surpassing the high level of 40,000 yuan/ton at the beginning of 2011. Since then, with the increase of supply, demand has slowed down, falling all the way to the lowest level of less than 15,000 yuan/ton. In 2016, the cumulative average price of domestic natural rubber decreased 22.2% compared with the same period last year, while the cumulative average price of synthetic rubber decreased 18.8% compared with the same period last year. The low and fluctuating price of rubber raw materials has created conditions for the profit of rubber products enterprises. Statistical key enterprises (excluding auxiliaries and skeletons) increased their profits by 17% and 18% year-on-year in 2016, and the profit margin of sales revenue reached 5.57% and increased by 0.74 percentage points, of which the profit margin of rubber products industry reached 8.73%.

(3) Compared with previous years, China's rubber export volume has been rising, and the international demand for rubber sheets in China has been increasing. In September 2018, China's rubber industry exports increased by 14.5% compared with last year.