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Function and Use of Rubber Plate

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Function and Use of Rubber Plate

Issue Time:2019-05-17
Rubber Plate is a sheet product with a certain thickness and large area, which is made of rubber as the main material (including fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcing materials). Rubber sheet has high hardness and general physical and mechanical properties. It can work in air with low pressure and temperature of 20 +140. Rubber sheets are made of rubber mixtures by pressing, pasting, synthesis or extrusion, vulcanization by flat vulcanizer or continuous vulcanization by drum vulcanizer. Colour: Black, grey, green, blue, etc. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments, housing and ground, etc. Used for sealing rubber ring, rubber pad, door and window seals and laying workbench and floor.


Specification: 1 ~ 80mm * 500 ~ 2000mm; Performance: Working temperature - 10 ~ 60 C; Working in oil (engine oil, diesel oil, gasoline, lubricating oil) medium, with sealing and expansion resistance;

Usage: It is used for laying various oil-resistant oil seals, seals and rings, workbenches, floors and electronic products places which are in contact with oil and grease.

Design: Products with special specifications and technical requirements, according to customer needs, formulation design for you to meet your requirements; packaging methods: fixed length or quantitative packaging of inner film and outer woven bags.


1. According to whether or not the medium is clamped, it can be divided into pure rubber sheet and clamping cloth, metal skeleton laminated rubber sheet and other varieties.

2. It can be divided into industrial plywood and rubber floor according to its use.

3. According to physical and chemical properties, it can be divided into: plywood rubber plate, plywood rubber plate, insulating rubber plate, oil-resistant rubber plate, acid-alkali-resistant rubber plate, stripe anti-skid rubber plate, square anti-skid rubber plate, button anti-skid rubber plate, anti-corrosion lining.