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Characteristics of Various Rubber Plates

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Characteristics of Various Rubber Plates

Issue Time:2019-05-17
Food grade rubber plates

Specification: 1 ~ 80mm * 100 ~ 2000mm;

Proportion: 1.5;

Tension force: 4Mpa;

Elongation: 300%;

Hardness: 60 [+5];

Performance: non-toxic, tasteless, good elasticity;

Uses: Used in food processing places and food industry tool accessories;

Features: It is made of odorless and non-toxic raw materials. It has no harmful chemical composition to human body, and its color is uniform and pollution-free.

Colour: Red and white; customizable colours as required

Packaging: kraft paper, woven bags, film bags.

Rubber board SBR rubber board

Specification: 1 ~ 100 mm * 100 ~ 2000 mm;

Proportion: 1.4;

Tension force: 5 Mpa;

Elongation: 300%;

Hardness: 50 60;

Performance: It has good wear resistance, elasticity, shear resistance, tear resistance, flexibility, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and noise reduction.

Purpose: Pump, valve, cyclone and other liners, grooves, pipes and other liners.

Color: black, Milky white, grey, red, green and other colors;

Specification: 3 ~ 80mm * 100 ~ 2000mm;

Proportion: 1.6;

Tension force: 5 Mpa;

Elongation: 280%;

Hardness: 65 [+5];

Performance: Working in dielectric environment, the maximum insulation voltage is 100,000 volts.

Colour: Black or any other colour;

Packaging: kraft paper, film, woven bags, according to customer requirements fixed length, fixed weight packaging.

Specification of Rubber Plate


Specification Thickness of Rubber Plate 1mm-50mm

Width 0.1m-2m

Long 1 m - - - infinite length

Rubber Board white rubber board

Product Usage: It is suitable for floor, carriage, workbench laying, medical treatment, food processing and so on, which are not required for high quality or one-time use.

Specific gravity: 1.8 + 0.05g/cm & sup3;

Tension: 2.5 MPa,

The elongation is 200%.

Hardness: 70 + 5 ShoreA

Rubber board green rubber board

Product Usage: Suitable for cushioning rings and seals with general product quality requirements.

Specific gravity: 1.6 + 0.05g/cm & sup3;

Tension: 3.0 MPa,

Elongation: 250%.

Hardness: 65 + 5 ShoreA

Rubber plate Red rubber plate

Usage: Suitable for punching gaskets, gaskets and seals.

Specific gravity: 1.5.

Tension: 4.0 MPa,

Elongation: 280%.

Hardness: 65 + 5

Rubber sheet plus rubber sheet

Product Specification: 2-50mm*500-1600mm

Product use: stamping seals, rings, used as light conveyor belts, strong requirements for the environment to work;

Specific gravity: 1.4-1.6 + 0.05g/cm³

Tension: 3.5 MPa,

Elongation: 280%.

Hardness: 65 + 5 ShoreA

Product Specification: 1-50mm*500-1600mm

Specific gravity: 1.5 + 0.05g/cm & sup3; Breaking force: 3.0MPa, elongation 280%, hardness: 65 + 5ShoreA features: widely used in electronic and thermal aging sites, can be used as oil-resistant materials.

Rubber plate Fine striped rubber plate

Product Specification: Thickness: 3-6mm; Width: 1-1.2m; Length: According to Requirements

Rubber plate with edges

Product Specification: Thickness: 3-20mm; Thickness: 1-1.2mm; Length: According to Requirements

Rubber Plate Coin Rubber Plate

Product Specification: Thickness: 4-6mm: Width: 1.2mm; Length: According to Requirements

Rubber plate with hole cushion rubber plate

Product Specification: 1000*700*18mm, 915*915*15mm

Rubber plate Rubber floor mat Rubber board

Product Specification: Thickness: 15-50mm; Width * Length: 500 * 500mm

Technical parameters: specific gravity: 1.0 + 0.05g/cm & sup3; breaking force: 2.0MPa; elongation: 110%, hardness: 50 + 5 ShoreA

Rubber board corridor pad

Product specifications: 1000*2000*14.5mm, 1000*2000*11mm technical parameters: specific gravity: 1.3+0.05g/cm³ tensile force: 2.0MPa, elongation: 110%, hardness: 50+5 ShoreA

Rubber board orange peel rubber board

Batch Model: Thickness: 3-6mm; Width: 1.2m; Length: According to Requirements

Technical parameters:

Specific gravity: 1.45 + 0.05g/cm & sup3;

Pulling force: 3MPa,

Elongation: 220%.

Hardness: 60 + 5 

Product Specification: 1200*1830*12.7mm, 1220*2135*16mm, 1525*2135*10mm

Technical parameters:

Specific gravity: 1.35 + 0.05g/cm & sup3;

Tension: 8.5 MPa,

Elongation: 220%.

Hardness: 55-65 ShoreA

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