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Classification of silica gel sheets

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Classification of silica gel sheets

Issue Time:2019-05-17
The coating thickness of silica gel sheet can be divided into:

Analysis board: 0.2 mm

Preparation plate: 0.3 - 0.4mm, 0.4 - 0.6mm, 0.6 - 1mm

According to the specifications, it can be divided into:

G-type H-type GF254 HF254 is also divided into ordinary board and high-efficiency board!

H is short for Hard

G is short for Glutinous

F is short for Fluorescent

Silica gel H: No adhesives, no fluorescent agents;

Silica gel G: No fluorescent agent, containing calcined gypsum binder;

Silica gel HF254: contains fluorescent substances, which can be used to observe fluorescence under 254 nm ultraviolet light.

Silica gel GF254: contains both calcined gypsum and fluorescent agent. It can be used to observe fluorescence under 254 nm ultraviolet light.

Distinguishing method

Different types of silica gel are different in gypsum content, which is reflected in the different viscosities of silica gel, the higher the gypsum content, the more viscous. This one has a sign on the bottle that sells silica gel. For example, the silica gel H is very loose, and the consistency of the silica gel G is relatively moderate.

According to the forming process.

Silica gel board is made of high quality thin layer chromatography silica gel as raw material, thin layer chromatography silica gel board and high efficiency thin layer chromatography silica gel board. It is made of high quality thin layer chromatography silica gel mixed with appropriate binder and coated on glass substrates. It has prescribed pore volume, specific surface and pore distribution. The silica gel sheets on the market are mainly divided into two types according to the forming process.

1. Extrude silica gel sheet.

The extruded silica sheet is formed by extrusion forming machine. Like ribbon, the extruded silica sheet can be circled together for several meters and the length can be cut freely.

Advantages: fast maneuverability, low cost, high output, fast production speed, free cutting length, uniform thickness.

Disadvantage: In order to cut out a specific shape, it is necessary to cooperate with the die in the later stage.

2. Molded silica gel sheet.

Molded silica gel sheet is a fixed size silicone sheet formed by high temperature vulcanization. The area of silica gel sheet is limited and has a fixed length and width.

Advantages: stable production, good quality of raw materials, color, hardness, good control of raw material grade, the same size.

Disadvantage: Low output, cost is 2-3 times of extruded silica gel board, uneven thickness.

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